Summer Python Research Program
| PYTHON 101 |
The Summer Python Research Program will be a 2 week winter program held between June 16, 2021 and July 7, 2021. There will be 10 1-hour sessions all held on weekdays. Students will learn the fundamentals of python programming (no prerequisites), create a mini-project, and open a GitHub account by the end of the program. Programming knowledge and a mini-project will look great on a student college application, especially during a pandemic. Additionally, students who excel in this program will receive personal letters of recommendation from the instructors.

Dates: 6/16 to 7/7 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
Times: 5:30 to 6:30

| PYTHON 201 |
The Python Research Program is offering a 5 week summer project-based course for Python called Python 201: Python with Interdisciplinary Fields.

Cohort 1: 6/16 to 7/21 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
Cohort 2: 7/23 to 8/27 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
Times: 3:30 to 4:30

There will be 15 1-hour sessions all held on weekdays. Students will learn intermediate and advanced python programming techniques, work with large datasets using data analysis & visualization frameworks in python, and develop a project related to a field of study of their choice. Prerequisites include either Python 101 or prior programming experience. (Students can take Python 101 and Python 201 Cohort #2 if interested! Contact us for a discount on Python 201!)

Students can choose one of the following three tracks, depending on their interests:

- Python for Bioinformatics/Pre-med/Neuroscience Applications
- Python for Data Science/Computer Science Applications
- Python for Economics/Finance/Business Applications

During the program the students should expect to create the following:

- Create an advanced project(s) (great for learning more about a field of interest & for college apps!)
- Create a GitHub profile to upload their code to
- Write a research paper (really helpful for getting a research position or summer internship!)

Additionally, students will receive the following:
- Certificate of completion
- One free college application advice session with a college counselor
- Letters of recommendations for the high performing students who build good projects and generally take the time out of their day to succeed in our program.

| COST |

Python 101: $225
Python 201: $575
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