PocketSpacecraft.com Interplanetary CubeSat Rideshare Initiative 2016
In cooperation with the Cal Poly CubeSat Program and as part of PocketSpacecraft.com's rolling program to identify interplanetary CubeSat launch opportunities and make them accessible to all, we are pleased to announce two interplanetary CubeSat launch opportunities in 2016 and the possibility to ride share with us for mutual benefit and cost reduction.

Two opportunities are available for CubeSats to potentially share Cal Poly P-POD(s) with us for missions prepared to up to COSPAR Category IVc planetary protection criteria. CubeSats may be 0.5U, 1U, 1.5U, 2U, 2.5U, 3U, 3U+ or 6U in size, and launch by an established launch provider (including integration by CalPoly in the USA) is expected to cost less than USD 250K per kg directly contracted to the launch integrator. The more CubeSats that participate in this opportunity, the lower the cost per kg.

The launch opportunities:

Launch Opportunity #1:
  Preliminary orbit: C3 of -0.6, perigee 620km, apogee 1,300,000 km, inclination ~98 deg
  Launch: mid 2016
  Launch vehicle: Atlas V

Launch Opportunity #2:
  Preliminary orbit: Translunar injection (lunar impact may be available at additional cost)
  Launch date: H2 2016
  Launch vehicle: Falcon 9

Please note this opportunity is for CubeSats only - if you wish to fly one or more PocketSpacecraft.com Scouts on these missions you are welcome to register your interest below by selecting the appropriate option but a separate announcement of our plans for Scouts for these launches will be made nearer the time.

Applicants may be from any country not embargoed by the USA and may be from academic, commercial, non-profit or other institutions or private individuals. Applicants will be offered free use of the PocketSpacecraft.com Deep Space Network on U/V/S/X band on a secondary basis and/or are free to make their own comms arrangements subject to obtaining the appropriate permissions.

Non-binding expressions of interest should be submitted using the form below to participate in this opportunity. Please submit your expression of interest as soon as possible to maximise your chance of participation.

The PocketSpacecraft Team

(Please note that this document does not constitute a request to launch or procure the launch of a space object, operate a space object or initiate any activity in outer space regulated by the UK Outer Space Act 1986)
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