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There are many different types of drones in the market that will cover all expectations.

Drones can be classified into two large groups: civilian and military. How we believe that you are not a spy and you are reading us to buy a military drone, in this guide we are going to focus on the different types of civilian drones.

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Depending on the surface they travel, they can be:

Terrestrial: this does not need much explanation. They are the ones who move fundamentally on the ground.

Aerial: those drones prepared and designed to fly, equipped with rotors that give them movement and gyroscopes to give them stability.

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Depending on the use for which they are intended, we can classify them into:

Recreational drones: these devices are intended for entertainment. They are capable of jumps, turns, turns and all kinds of acrobatics. Watch in this video some of the pirouettes with which the Parrot Mini Drone Jumping Sumo can surprise us .

Drones for photography and video : this other type of drone is focused on video and photography. With them you will be able to capture all kinds of scenes from the most incredible angles. Record your friends while surfing, take a photo on the beach from an inaccessible perspective or take a panoramic view from the top of a mountain. Within this type of drones we will find models with the built-in camera, while others will come with a structure in which to attach your recording equipment.

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Aerial drones can also be classified by the number of rotors :

Quadrocopters: the flight is achieved through 4 engines with propellers, arranged in the shape of a cross. They have gyroscopes of different axes (3 or 6) that help them to achieve stability in a horizontal position.
Multicopter: so-called teams are called with a number of engines greater than 4. In the market you can find drones of 6 (haxacopteros) and even 8 rotors. Its price is usually higher and have a professional use: cinema, recognition and monitoring of fires, etc.

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