Being Jewish in Scotland 2020
This survey into the experience of “Being Jewish in Scotland” is a follow up to two Scottish Government funded inquiries carried out by SCoJeC in 2011–12 and 2014–15.

We would very much appreciate you taking time to complete this survey. It should take between 15 and 40 minutes depending on how much time you take on the open ended questions.There is an opportunity at the end of the survey to clarify any responses or add anything you feel needs to be added.

Your answers will be treated as confidential and will only be seen by the small team working on this project. Nothing you say in this survey will be reported in a way which will identify you personally.

We look forward to hearing your responses. When you complete the survey you’ll also have a chance to win a prize – a book (200 Years of Scottish Jewry), a CD (Hen's Khasene – The Eigg Sessions by Klezmer trio Celter Schmelter), or a salt beef sandwich from Mark's Deli in Glasgow. Please let us know at the end of the form which prize you’d like.

For more information please contact Fiona Frank, SCoJeC Projects and Outreach manager, email
1. Do you consider yourself to be Jewish?
1a. Did you identify as Jewish in the 2011 census?
1b. Please tell us more about your Jewish background or your connection to Judaism
Your answer
2. Do you live or regularly spend time in Scotland?
2a How long have you lived in Scotland?
2b. Country of birth
If you do not currently live in Scotland, please answer the rest of the questions based on your experience within Scotland.
3. What is good about being Jewish in Scotland?
Your answer
4. What is not so good about being Jewish in Scotland?
Your answer
5. To what extent do you feel part of a Jewish community?
5a. Please expand on your answer to Q5.
Your answer
6. Do you talk about being Jewish, or demonstrate your Jewishness in other ways, to non-Jewish people in Scotland
I talk about being Jewish
I demonstrate being Jewish in other ways (kippa, star of david, etc)
6a. Please expand on your answer to Q6.
Your answer
7. Do you think that being Jewish has ever made a difference to the way in which you have been treated in any aspects of your everyday life?
7a. Please give examples if appropriate.
Your answer
8. Do you feel that your experience of being Jewish in Scotland has changed in recent years? If so, is your experience:
8a. Please tell us more.
Your answer
9. To what extent have your places of work or study been accommodating of your religious observances or practices?
9a. Please give us some examples, if appropriate.
Your answer
10. To what extent do you feel that events in the Middle East have affected your experience of being Jewish in Scotland?
10a. Please elaborate on your answer to Q10.
Your answer
11. Do you consider that you have ever been the victim of, or been affected by, a hate crime or incident? (A 'hate crime' is defined as a crime motivated by malice or ill will towards a particular social group)
11a. If you answered Yes or Not Sure to Q11:
Don't know
Do you feel the incident(s) were motivated by antisemitism?
Did you report it/them?
11b. If you have reported an incident, which organisation(s) did you report it to?
11c. If you have reported an incident, what was the outcome?
Your answer
11d. Please expand on your answers to this set of questions.
Your answer
12. Do you think that antisemitism has increased in Scotland in recent years?
12a. Please tell us more about your answer to Q12.
Your answer
13. To what extent do you think media reporting about antisemitism has affected your experiences of being Jewish in Scotland?
13a. Please tell us more about your answer to Q13.
Your answer
14. How far does being Jewish influence how you vote in local and national elections or referenda?
14a. Please tell us more about your answer to Q14.
Your answer
15. Is there anything you think that local or national organisations could do differently to improve the experience of Jewish people in Scotland.
Your answer
16. Is there anything you think that Jewish organisations, including SCoJeC, could do differently to improve the situation of Jewish people in Scotland?
Your answer
17. Please describe some stories or experiences that illustrate being Jewish in Scotland for you.
Your answer
18. If there is anything else you would like to tell us, or any answers you would like to expand on, please write it here.
Your answer
19. Would you be interested in taking further part in this inquiry? For example would you like to:
take part in a follow up phone interview
help us to publicise the survey among Jewish people you know
host or organise a small focus group
20. We are currently organising training for Jewish people who would be interested in representing the Jewish community in interfaith activities, and/or talking about Judaism to schools and other groups in various parts of Scotland. The training is free and all expenses are covered. Please let us know if you would like to find out more about this.
If you have answered "yes" or "maybe" to question 19 or question 20, please make sure you add your contact details at the end of the form.
21. About you
21a. Your Gender
21b. Your Age
21c. Please enter the first half of your postcode
Your answer
22. If you’d like to be entered into the prize draw, please indicate which of the following prizes you’d prefer - and please ensure you complete your contact details below.
Contact Details
The following information section is optional: you can respond anonymously, but please ensure that you enter your contact details below if you wish to be entered into the prize draw or if you would like us to contact you about anything else.
1. Name
Your answer
2. Telephone Number
Your answer
3. Email Address
Your answer
4. Postal Address
Your answer
5. Would you like to be on SCoJeC's mailing list to receive our monthly "e-news" and quarterly "Four Corners" magazine?
Submitting your response
When you are satisfied with your responses, please press 'submit' below. Your responses will only be shared with the small team working on this project and no information will be shared which will identify you. If you wish to discuss this inquiry further please contact Fiona Frank, SCoJeC Outreach and Projects Manager, email

The Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (SCoJeC) is Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation no. SC029438
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