Online Registration for OAC STATE TRAINING
Online registration registers wrestlers for the program. Payment will be taken at the front desk at Prodigy on or before the first practice.
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Membership Agreement
Prodigy requires that all wrestlers complete the annual Membership Agreement Form in order to participate in Prodigy Wrestling Academy. These forms allow prodigy to keep your contact information updated each season and for parents and wrestlers to agree with Prodigy Policies and Agreements. Contact and Policy Agreements must be completed each season starting on August 1st and ending on July 31st of the following year.

A link to the membership agreement will be given once the Registration Form is submitted.

Membership Agreement *
An online Membership Agreement for your wrestler has been submitted since August 1st, 2017?
Waiver on File
All wrestlers must have a waiver, signed by a parent, on file for this season in order to participate. Starting this year (2017), waivers will be kept on file at Prodigy and will not have to be resigned each season.

A link to a waiver form will be given once the Registration Form is submitted.

Waiver *
A waiver for your wrestler can be found on file at Prodigy since Aug. 1st, 2017? If no, please make sure to have a parent or guardian of the wrestler sign one on the first night of attendance.
Payment is due on the first night and can be paid at the front desk at Prodigy.
$109 + Tax (With Cash, Check, or Credit Card)
We look forward to helping you reach your goals in wrestling!
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