5th Annual Annual Symposium on Diversity & Inclusion
Thank you for attending the Fifth Annual Symposium on Diversity & Inclusion in May 2020. This event was organized by the Office for Institutional Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and the Office of Diversity Education.

Your thoughtful responses will be valuable to the event organizers and will help guide us in developing follow-up offerings. Your responses will be kept confidential, and the results will be reported in aggregate.

It should take you about 5 - 7 minutes to complete this survey. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Nikita Murry (nikita.murry@cmich.edu).
Which of the following sessions did you attend? Check all that apply. *
How do you rate your overall satisfaction with this symposium? *
How likely are you to apply what you learned from viewing the sessions related to campus-wide initiatives? *
What was the most useful aspect of this virtual symposium, and why? *
In what ways could this virtual symposium be improved? *
Any other comments about the work related to the virtual symposium, including the sessions?
Please indicate how important training in each of these areas is for your professional development? *
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Student service interaction
Undergraduate advising
Inclusive teaching
Academic leadership development
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