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We encourage you to sign on as a supporter of this model for distribution of funds under Mayor Kasim Reed’s proposed .1% sales tax to benefit Arts and Culture in Atlanta.  Your signature will be added automatically to the list of supporters on the Cover Letter (shown below) accompanying this model, which has been sent to Mayor Reed's Office.

Mayor Reed has proposed a dedicated funding source for Arts and Culture in Atlanta in the way of a .1% sales tax. In articles referencing the Mayor's announcement of pursuing this dedicated funding stream as part of his legislative agenda, Denver, Colorado’s model for a similar distribution of a tax allocation was cited several times. While we applaud the Mayor's commitment to Arts and Culture, many sources have sited numerous critiques with the model used in Denver, including a majority of the funds going to only a few of the largest arts institutions within the city. Grantmakers in the Arts and many others have continually outlined the biases and inequity in traditional funding mechanisms that can harm growth, cultural diversity and creativity within an arts ecosystem. Our proposed model for Mayor Reed's fractional tax for the arts was constructed with their recommendations and the recommendations of other research into funding mechanisms that support growth and diversity within arts communities.

We believe our funding model allows for more growth of small and mid-sized arts organizations, and creates a more dynamic structure for encouraging creativity and cultural diversity than models such as Denver. We hope you will sign on as supporter of this model TODAY, as legislation to introduce this fractional tax and the distribution model through which funds will be allocated is currently being drafted by the City to be sent to the Georgia General Assembly.

Read the PDF version with full details of the funding distribution plan referenced here:


March 13, 2017

Mayor Kasim Reed
55 Trinity Avenue SW, #2400
Atlanta, GA 30303

Dear Mayor Reed:

Thank you for your commitment to the arts. Your support of a sustained funding model for the arts in our city is encouraging, and we want to ensure that the model provides for an equitable distribution of those funds. We – as a cohort of arts leaders – have prepared a proposal for the distribution of funds to be generated by a “fractional tax” for the arts and culture in Atlanta. We believe this proposal reflects your vision to support Atlanta’s small and mid-sized organizations in addition to our larger institutions.

In drafting this model, we researched various models around the country of dedicated tax funding streams for arts and culture, including Denver, CO, Houston, TX, and Charlotte-Mecklenburg, NC. The below proposed funding structure has been modeled similarly and includes recommended eligibility requirements, fiscal management, fund administration and governance, and funding tiers. Our modifications to other funding distribution models represent distinctions necessary to ensure the rich diversity of Atlanta’s arts ecology. To best support your vision and legacy regarding this legislation, it is of the utmost importance that this new funding mechanism serves the citizens of Atlanta with sensitivity to structural inequities and implicit bias in traditional funding models from the outset.

As you stated at this year’s State of the City address, “Organizations like the Woodruff Arts Center are thriving, but our small and medium-sized groups, our young and emerging artists, need additional support. We need to give back to the creative community that gives so much to our city.” We champion a proposed structure that advances the City of Atlanta as well as mirrors your vision to establish a critical lifeline of support to a thriving, sustainable creative community.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Alex Acosta, Soul Food Cypher Audrey Gámez, C4 Atlanta
Saskia Benjamin, Art Papers Courtney Hammond, Dashboard US
Robin Bernat, Poem 88 Jessyca Holland, C4 Atlanta
Jessica Caldas Heather Infantry, Moving in the Spirit
Monica Campana, Living Walls Veronica Kessenich, Atlanta Contemporary
Richard Carvlin, glo Beth Malone, Dashboard US
Anne Archer Dennington, Flux Projects Amy Miller, Atlanta Celebrates Photography
Laura Flusche, MODA Priscilla Smith, Priscilla Smith Productions
Myrna Fuller, Hammonds House Museum Brandon Barr, weloveatl
Haylee Anne Fucini-Lenkey
Sarah Alison Hodges, Critical Crop Top Media, LLC
Dr. Philip J. Rogers, Adagio Productions, Inc.
Joe Winter
Corey Bradberry
Mack Headrick, 7 Stages
Matthew Blidgett, Needle in a Haystack
Shannon Evans , Studio No. 7
Sherrie Lynn Hauser-Simmons, Arts Education/STEAM Advocate
Joseph Dreher
Charmaine Minniefield, The New Freedom Project
Tamara Harper, Tam Tunes
Amber Singleton,Amber Singleton Art
Miriam Robinson
Caroline Huftalen, 7 Stages
Sara Gregory, MakeShift Circus Collective
Erin Green
Deborah Landry, Engaging Arts
Tasha Tavaras, Georgia Lawyers for the Arts
Jacob Gunte, Twin Radius
Rusty Wallace
Elisa Coker, Flux Projects
Adam Coker, Art Papers
Marcia Wood, Marcia Wood Gallery
Claire Emily Christie
Rachel Parish
Peter Hardy, The Essential Theatre
Maggie Benoit, Atlanta Contemproary
Bill Gignilliat, ArtsGeorgia, Inc.
Linda Boston, Performing & Literary Artist / Founder PEER Inc
Erica Jamison, MINT
Arthur Morris, STOMP Ministries
Meredith Kooi, ALTERED MEANS
Paige Heurtin
Roxane Hollosi
Adam Fristoe, Out of Hand Theater
Carlton Turner, Alternate ROOTS
Brett Oliver, Flux Projects
Pamela Turner, multiShades.atlanta
Jamie Badoud, The Hambidge Center
Quianah Upton, Arbitrary Living
Nena Gilreath, Ballethnic Dance Company
Danielle Deadwyler
Kristy Hammam
Stephanie Kong, WonderRoot & the Humble Telescopes
Teresa Sanson, ArtistTJ
Michael Greer O'Shea, C4 Atlanta
Maggie Davis, Goat Farm Art Center
David Cohen
Daniel Flores, Art Is King
Tabby Molapo
Mike Walbert, A3C
Susan Bridges, Whitespace
Malika Whitley, ChopArt
Tiffany Latrice , TILA Studios, LLC.
Tash Nikol Smith, Murmur Media
Crystal Desai
Shannon M. Turner, StoryMuse
David R. Wilkes
Hellenne Vermillion, Artist
Sue Schroeder, Core Dance
Elizabeth Strickler
Neda Abghari, The Creatives Project (TCP)
Tori Price, Luna Leigh Arts
Jessica Miller, BURNAWAY
Orion Crook,
Douglas Scott, Full Radius Dance
Annette Cone-Skelton, The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia
Adam Wagner, Ernest G Welch School of Art & Design
Michael Haverty, 7 Stages Theatre
Matt Arnett
Nirvana Kelly, Georgia Artists for Progress
Stacey Petterson
Lisa Shinault
keith nabb
Melonie Tharpe
Margo Moskowitz
Nathan Sharratt
Amber Bradshaw, Working Title Playwrights
Daryl Lisa Fazio
Clare Callahan, Spruill Center for the Arts
Cara Gilbert, Cara Gilbert Ceramics
Nedra Pezold Roberts, Working Title Playwrights
Liz Lyons
Edwin M. White
octavis westwood p anderson, Defend Atlanta
Elisa Clayton, Working Title Playwrights
Suzanne S. Mercer, Atlanta Shakespeare Company
Nathaniel N. Ndukuba, Studio 219 Atlanta, LLC
Jennifer Field
Penny Mickelbury, Playwright, novelist, journalist
Adia Davina Reid
Shay vaughn
Alijah Hurley , All Black Congress
KeAnne Wright
Thomas Swanston, StudioSwan Llc
Christopher jackson, Y0$#! (Yoshi) crew
Gail Foster, StudioSwan Llc
Rodney Fowlkes jr.
Nigel mentore
Michael A Smith
Ayana Moore, BAP
William Cash , 787 Windsor
Jason williams, The DBSC
Michael David Murphy, Atlanta Celebrates Photography
Genesis Lewis
Ann-Carol Pence, Aurora Theatre
Meryl Manfre Clark
John Waymire, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams
Kat Smith
Matt Lewis, Aurora Theatre
Kathy Janich, Artistic associate, Synchronicity Theatre
Kimberly Staples
Benjamin Davis, Atlanta Musical Theatre Festival
Kimberly Townsend, Alliance Theatre
Judy Morgan
Laura Cole, The Atlanta Shakespeare Company
Melissa Messina, Flux Projects
Jasmine Renee Ellis
Darlene White, Cupcakes & Canvases
Julianna Jones
Kadeja Barber
Harriet Davidow
Paul Conroy, Out Front Theatre Company
Sharon Blackwood, Film, Television and Theatre Actor
K. Wilcox
Jenni McCarthy
Clare Timmerman, MODA
Bailey Shaw
Caroline Driebe
Stu Lipkin
Luis R. Hernandez, Performing Artist
Anne Lambert Tracht, ConsultArt, Inc.
Marci Adilman
Elizabeth Lide
Paul Kayhart
Margaret Wyatt
Dustin James Brown, Georgia Ensemble Theatre
Lauren Peterson, Artist, Doppler Projects
Holly Stilo
Art Vandenberg, Artist
Renita James, Aurora Theatre
Alexandra Helton
Rose Alexander
Lisa Angertmorris Morri
David Hamilton, Architecture and Design Center
Aja Kahti, Naked Wanderlust
anthony smith, Studio 219
Beverly Trader Austin, Working TItle Playwrights
Natasha Patel
Christopher case
Keana Watson, Geisha Atl
Mercedes Ramos- Tchanga
Steven L. Anderson, Day & Night Projects
Chris McCord, Moving in the Spirit
Cory Phelps, Up the Hill Productions
Bryan Montemayor
Leatrice Ellzy
John Harper
Laura Mood, Peach State Collective
Thomas Fowlkes, Horizon Theatre
Mary Anne Mitchell, artist
Julian Boehm Mohr, Jr., Momar, Inc.
Kristen Silton, Actor's Express
Sarah T. Davis
Brian Wallenberg, Atlanta Ballet
David Elsea
Lauren Pallotta Stumberg, Artist, Think Greatly
Tori Tinsley
Cyprus Pyre Meraz
Amy L. Ashbaugh
Shana Robbind
Estela Semeco, Artist
Angela Bennett, Roots Productions
Shelly Curson
Stephanie Raborn
Lynda B. Courts
Patricia Lacrete
Yoon Nam
Dean Velez, Sprocket Creative
Sydney Willard
Kristina Brown, glo
Shannon Willow, Shannon Willow Art, LLC
Robert Egizio, Stage Door Players
Louise E. Shaw
Sophia Gallagher, Solidarity Economy ATL
Elizabeth Jarrett, Deer Bear Wolf; Downtown Players Club
Eric Shen, Georgia Tech
Nolan Martin
Savonna Atkins
Lisa Adler, Horizon Theatre Company
Natalia Montoya
Angela Harris, Dance Canvas
Stephanie Cash, Burnaway
Nicholas Adams
Katelyn King
Samuel King
Judy Winograd, Atlanta Printmakers Studio
Lauren Reynolds
Dottie Freeman

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