Strike Theater Co-Op Application
Strike Theater Co-op Group Application

Hi! Thanks for applying to become a co-op member of Strike Theater! We are excited to welcome you into our fold. The co-op model is new to Strike in 2021. We invite groups or individual performers in sketch, improv, spoken word, storytelling, or original creative works to apply. If you don’t know if you are established enough, or fancy enough, or are totally new, don’t worry! Apply! We encourage performance groups of all races, colors, religious affiliations, sexes, ages and disabilities to apply. Let’s figure it out together. We are looking for groups that want a physical home in the Strike fold, are team players when it comes to building the artistic community, that will rock their shows, and help continue to put Strike on the map.

The official co-ops will start in January 2022, though there will be a chance to start your partnership earlier if you are interested. Original length of co-op applications will be 12 months for 2 groups, 16 months for 2 groups, and a possibility of 2 more groups depending on interest/space. Groups in good standing at the end of their terms will have the option to renew. (The difference in original lengths is to build overlap and mentoring and not have everybody possibly "graduate" at the same time)
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As a co-op group you will:
-Have a physical home for your company (with bathroom, room for you and your group, basic amenities, and a stage to rock!)
-Help continue to bring the mission of Strike to life (and you can count on Strike being there to bring your art to life)
-Get 4 weekends of shows at Strike during the year. This is the only way to get regular runs at Strike as a non-Strike produced show. We will have 2 deadlines during the year for one-off show ideas that will be co-produced with Strike Theater. What does 4 weekends mean? You will do at least a Friday/Saturday night show. You will have the option of adding Thursday/Sundays/Matinees or Late nights. We are open to discussing if this could possibly mean a monthly show, or something a little different too. If you go over 4 shows a weekend additional support may be required to cover front of house duties
-Get first dibs on open one night shows throughout the year
-Get rehearsal space the week before your show and discounted rehearsal space the rest of the year. You will also have first chance to schedule rehearsals  
-Have other co-op groups to lean on/learn from
-Be able to hold company meetings or work in our office/classroom space during calendar free time
-Discounts on Drinks and Show Tickets

Co-op Group obligations:
-Pay $50/month in membership fees. Membership fees go towards allowing you to have rehearsal/office space/larger payouts at shows etc.
-Get 75% of their door payment after the first $100/show
-Attend a meeting of all co-op groups every other month
-Be willing to teach two workshops a year. A stipend will be provided.
-Get 4 weekends of shows at Strike during the year that your group will focus on marketing and setting up for success
-Be part of volunteer sharing to staff co-op shows, or workers will be provided at a small cost. Ideally though, this will open up your group to just focus on your show during your weekends, and help out a little on other shows
-Help Strike promote things like classes, fundraisers, etc. to help build the success of the theater  

What to know about Strike:
-We are a 100 seat black box theater
-We have limited space for tons of set pieces and costume changes and storage
-A note about tech: We have a fairly simple light grid with 3 spots/back and front stage washes and red/greens/blues. We have mics. We have hook-ups for a keyboard. We have a simple soundboard for sound cues and pre-show music. We have a projector that projects large on the back of the stage.
--We are in a shared building and once in awhile all heck breaks loose in the halls or in our neighbors space. In other words, there will sometimes be noise that we cannot control and we have to roll with it.
-We are champions of scrappy creativity. Simplicity is a winner for shows with us
-We have a new space for offices/classroom/rehearsal/green room for larger casts across the hall

Full details will be discussed in Phase II Interviews and Contracts. More discussion on what weekends are available, number of shows, etc. will be discussed in the next phase. This is a general layout of the program.Please type your signature below signifying that you have read the above and understand the above. *
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