Chalkboard Catering
I am so excited we are getting so much interest in this DCSD Chalkboard Catering program. This is our new form to keep everything organized!

After you fill out this form, your information will be moved to the Catering Calendar labeled as "proposed" followed by your event name. You can see your event on the public calendar if you would like, by searching Chalkboard Catering on google calendar.

Please call us with questions or ideas for your event. After you have an idea then you will need to have this form filled out and have catering accept it. We will change the name to "confirm" your event name. Events should be booked out at least 5 days in advance.

48 hours before your event, Google will send you a reminder. Please check over your menu and guest count. We cannot confirm your order unless we have a method of payment or billing code. You will not be charged until after your event. If you do not see a reminder, please call 303-387-0304 ASAP as something has gone wrong and you are not on our calendar.

Your invoice will be sent to the point of contact on this e-mail and added as an attachment on your calendar event. If you are not the bookkeeper please forward it to them.
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