Disability Evacuation Assistance Registration Form
Students whose disabilities, chronic conditions, or temporary injuries may interfere with their ability to evacuate their residence halls unassisted in the event of an emergency or evacuation, are encouraged to alert the Center for Accessibility Resources and Disability Services (CARDS) by completing this form. This information will be shared with Barnard’s offices of Community Safety (CARES), Residential Life, and the local Fire Department of New York (FDNY).

Students with evacuation assistance needs are required to meet with Barnard's Community Safety for individual emergency preparedness and planning consultation, in lieu of fire drill participation. Additionally, students are advised to learn the evacuation plans and routes for their residential and academic buildings.

Individuals with disabilities may be at greater risk during evacuations. The research shows that self-awareness and preparedness affords individuals the best chance for a safe evacuation. CARDS strongly encourages all students who believe that their conditions may interfere with their safe evacuation to review the policies and procedures found here: https://barnard.edu/reslife/fire-safety.
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