2020-2021 After School Program Interest
This form is to let Common Threads know of your interest in our after school program for the 2020-2021 school year. If you have multiple children, you can fill one form but please provide the additional children's information at the end of the form.

Filling in this form helps us match up part time families and ensure proper staffing. It does not guarrantee a spot in the program. You will be contacted by email to confirm space and to make a deposit in mid to late May.
Email address *
Your Name *
Child's name *
Child's Year of Birth *
Program days you hope to sign up for (would be the same for all months). If looking for less than full time, check all days that apply. *
School child will be attending *
If you are hoping to sign up more than one child, please provide the additional information here (i.e. name(s) and year(s) of birth). We will assume everyone goes to the same school and you need the same days of care as above.
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