Form RegA1: Application Form for Section S Revision for Product Registered Before the Implementation of Directive on Regulatory Control of API
1. Only applicable for registered products containing Scheduled Poison in ALL dosage forms with the expiration of the registration period starting 1 January 2020.
2. Application shall be made 12 - 15 months before the end of the expiration of the product registration. Any application other than the indicated period will not be entertained.
3. Once "Section S Revision" function is enable on QUEST 3+ system, applicants have a limited timeframe of 30 calendar days to complete the updates for Part II S. Extension of timeframe is not possible. Therefore, please ensure that all required documents are ready prior to this application.
4. Changes to uploaded documents are also no possible after updating is completed.
5. Each application form is indicated for one product (with one MAL number only).
6. This application form is effective starting 1 Oct 2018.
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