Welcome District 3 chapters!
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Thank you for attending the District Conference!
Before we get to your registration form, we wanted to make sure all Advisors have read a few items. Please check below that you acknowledge the following:
Chapters need to arrive promptly at 8:30 a.m. Please plan accordingly for inclement weather. *
Chapters need to provide judges for the event(s) that you are coordinating. *
If you don't have judge(s) ready by the time you submit your registration form, names and email addresses can be sent to your District Conference Coordinator prior to the conference. An email confirmation will be sent to judges with email addresses.
Chapters need to register and bring the appropriate number of paid registered adults to help administer the competitive events: 1-20 students = 1 adult; 21-50 students = 2 adults; 51-80 students = 3 adults; and then 1 additional adult for every 30 students after 80. *
The above minimum requirements are in addition to judges that are required. If a chapter wishes to have an adult available to chaperone students, they will need to register and pay for additional individuals above the minimum listed above. Register these adults as Chaperones, so they will not be assigned to assist with an event.
I have read the general District Conference guidelines from the Michigan DECA Guide on pages 37-39. *
I have read my Specific District Conference Memo from my District Conference Coordinator. *
I have read the District Conference Event Chair Instructions, since I am assisting at the conference by running a competitive event. *
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