2018 SPRING PROGRESSIVE Indoor 3 / 4 / 5 / 6+
Always check www.archerytrainingcenter.com/calendar just before coming to class in case there are changes or cancellations.

This enrollment form is for
JUNIOR archers and their PARENTS (at 13.5m and 18m), and
ADULTS (at 18m)
who have
- a desire to be trained with the goal of progressing faster to the competitive level,
- taken and qualified in the Indoor 1: First-time Class by scoring 50 pts at 9 m
- (for Indoor 3A at 13.5m) graduated out of Indoor 2 by scoring 240 pts on 60cm/230 pts on 40cm target face at 9m and earning Master Tags,
- (for Indoor 3B at 18m) graduated out of Indoor 3A by scoring 240 pts on 60cm/230 pts on 40cm target face at 13.5m and earning Master Tags.

PLEASE COMPLETE ONE ENROLLMENT FORM FOR EACH ARCHER. You can enroll any time during the seemster, as long as you have completed the prerequisites, and there are places left in the class. You can see who is registred by clicking the date and time on the website calendar: www.archerytrainingcenter.com/calendar.

DATES: JAN 3 - MAY 30, 2018

RANGE: 10203 OLD Manchaca Rd., Austin, TX 78748
MAILING: Archery Training Center, Inc., PO Box 93216, Austin, TX 78709

E-MAIL: archerytrainingcenteraustin@gmail.com

RANGE PHONE + TEXT: 512 975 1850 (NEW NUMBER!)
COACH RACAE: 512 925 7794

CAPACITY: 10 archers per class
AGES: 8 - 80 years old
DISTANCES: 18m only
BOWS: Recurves (compound archers are coached privately; please contact us at archerytrainingcenteraustin@gmail.com)
DRAW WEIGHT: Up to 45 lbs.

There are classes on Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. As a Progressive Archer you can attend any classes at or below your level to ensure you meet the time requirements, although you'll benefit the most by attending those for your level. Adults at 18m can come to the mixed JOAD + ADULTS classes, since they cannot meet the minimum attendance requirements by attending only the Adult classes.

INDOOR 3A at 13.5m (JOADs/parents only):
Sat/Sun 2:30-3:30 (1 hr each day)
T/W 5:30-6:30 (1 hr each day)

INDOOR 3A/3B/4/5/6): These are the days and times that are available to you. All 18-m and Adult classes are coached by Coach Racae.
SUN: 3:45-5:45 (JOAD + Adults at 18m)
6:00-7:00 (Adults at 9m, 13.5m)
TUES: 6:30-7:30 (JOAD + Adults at 18m)
7:30-8:30 (Adults all distances)
WED: 6:30-7:30 (JOAD + Adults at 18m)
7:30-8:30 (Adults all distances)
SUN: 3:45-5:45 (JOAD + Adults at 18m)
6:00-7:00 (Adults at 9m, 13.5m)


Please drop in during business hours to visit.
You'll need to be registered in a class in order to use the range.
Always check the website calendar (www.archerytrainingcenter.com/calendar) before coming to class in case there are last-minute changes or cancellations (rare).
SUN: 11:30am-7:00pm
TUES: 5:30pm-8:30pm
WED: 5:30pm-8:30pm
THURS: 7:00pm-9:00pm (League night)
SAT: 11:30am-7:00pm

This enrollment form must be completed and your payment received in order for you to be enrolled and a place reserved for you.
You can enroll any time during the semester for as many or as few classes as you like as long as there are places open.
So, for example, you can enroll for the entire semester, each month, or sprinkle the days throughout the semester depending on your schedule. (Please bear in mind, however, you'll progress faster with regular attendance, AND and the attendance requirements below must be met at each level for you to remain in the Progressive Program.)

Classes will be held only if there are 3 or more archers enrolled in the class.
If the class does not make this minimum enrollment requirement, you will be notified at least one week in advance, so you can reschedule. The instructor/coach at his/her discretion can agree to coach the class even if it doesn't make the minimum enrollment.

Please note that mastering NTS positions relevant to each level will be required to advance to the next level; advancement will no longer be based on scores alone.

You'll be trained in Indoor 4 at 18m until you score 250 pts and master most NTS* Shot Cycle positions. You'll then be in Indoor 5. At this point you'll need to consider whether you want to become a competitive archer or remain recreational.

If you decide to train for competition, you can apply to Coach Alex's Competitive Archery Program (CAP). After you complete the Draft Tournament held annually in September with a minimum qualifying score (MQS) of 240pts at 18m, he will conduct an evaluation with you, expect you to be able to explain to him and shoot the NTS method, and dedicate at least 10 hours a week to archery.

Alternatively, if you are in the Recreational or Progressive Programs, you will continue to work on your NTS form, mental management, and strength to eventually graduate into Indoor 6 by shooting 270 pts at 18m, into Indoor 7 by shooting 280 pts., and then Indoor 8 by shooting 290 pts. Under the conditions below, you'll SHOOT FREE at Archery Training Center forever! Indoor 7 and Indoor 8 are the levels that are usually occupied by state and national champions!

You can also opt to become a USA Archery Level 1 NTS Instructor when you turn 15 years old, and a Level 2 when you are 18 years old, which bring additional privileges and responsibilities.


In order to improve in archery, archers need to practice increasingly more as they advance. All archers can advance indoors through the Bronze, Silver, and Gold JOAD Olympian levels awarded by USA Archery. We will also award USA Gold Star Pins when you shoot six 10s in a row at 18m!

RECREATIONAL PROGRAM: There are NO ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENTS for Recreational archers. All Indoor 2 archers are considered recreational. At any point in the semester, archers at or above Indoor 3 can change to the PROGRESSIVE PROGRAM by signing up for it, and committing to the required hours of practice in the range.

PROGRESSIVE PROGRAM: This program, which is for archers in Indoor 3 and above, sets time/attendance requirements in the range to help fast-track archers into the Competitive Archery Program (CAP).
Progressive archers must continuously meet the time/attendance requirements to remain in the Progressive Program. Those who fall short of the weekly time/attendance requirements will automatically be considered Recreational, and Recreational class fees will apply.
Progressive archers will be expected to participate in tournaments in Indoor 4 - just for the experience and to have fun!
They will also receive special tags showing each week that they meet the time requirements. The tags will be issued on Saturdays for the preceding week.

Progressive archers will be eligible for recommendation to USA Archery Level 4 NTS* and JDT* Coach Alex Meyer's Competitive Archery Program (CAP), which is for those who want to be competitive archers and shoot in both indoor and outdoor tournaments, who have shot at least 250 pts. at 18m, have a MQS (minimum qualifying score) of 240 pts. at 18m, know and can shoot the NTS Method, compete in the Draft CAP Tournament annually in Sept./Oct., and have at least 10 hrs/wk to dedicate to archery.

4 hrs/wk - Indoor 3A at 13.5m - Time to get your own bow!
5 hrs/wk - Indoor 3B at 18m (up to 200 pts. twice)
6 hrs/wk - Indoor 4 at 18m (200-249 pts.)
8 hrs/wk - Indoor 5 at 18m (250-269 pts.) - Time to apply to Coach Alex's CAP
10 hrs/wk - Indoor 6 at 18m (270-289 pts.) - Time to totally commit by increasing strength/endurance, arrow count, bow weight, distances

All fees are payable in advance of the class to secure your place in the class.
A week is Su/T/W/S.
Indoor 3A: $56/wk (min. 4 hrs)
Indoor 3B: $65/wk (min. 5 hrs)
Indoor 4: $72/wk (min. 6 hrs)
Indoor 5: $80/wk (min. 8 hrs)
Indoor 6: $90/wk (min. 10 hrs)
+ Enrollment fee: $20 (always due once per semester)

YOU'LL SHOOT FREE during class times at Archery Training Center after:
- you become a full (not probationary) member of CAP or
- after you score 280 pts at 18m on a 40cm target face or 290 pts on a 60cm target face (when at least 6 people are shooting in the range) or
- when you become a USA Archery certified instructor and actually have a class assigned to you. (You need to be at least 15 years old and a CAP archer.)

To more carefully and appropriately structure your training, you will be under the guidance of an Archery Training Center PERSONAL COACH of your choice. Your Personal Coach will be responsible for your private lessons, creating a training program with you, and informing you and the other coaches/instructors what you need to work on each week, so that even when you are in a class coached by another coach there will be close coordination and consistency among the coaches.
Instructor Tyler : JOAD archers at 13.5m
Coach Racae: Archers at 18m, and Adults at 13.5m

A private lesson with your Personal Coach is recommended at least once a month, especially for those at Indoor 4 and above:
$45/hr: Coach Racae (recurves Adult and 18m archers) ($80/hr for 2, $115/hr for 3)
$45/hr: Coach Dan (recurves and compounds Adults only at 18m) ($80/hr for 2, $115/hr for 3)
$30/hr: Instructor Tyler (recurve JOAD archers at 9m and 13.5m)

There are no refunds or credits for paid days missed during the semester, except in the case of injury, long-term illness, unforeseen move out of the Austin area, being expelled for a safety violation or if we cancel a class. If, however, you let us know that you will miss a class, you can substitute another class as long as there are places left in that class during the semester.

In the case of physical injury or long-term illness, we require a doctor's note saying the archer is unable to practice archery, and then a doctor's note saying the archer is fit to return to archery, before the archer will be allowed back in class or any refunds issued.

Your fee =
(No. of weeks x weekly fee)
+ (No. of private lessons x private lesson fee)
+ $20 semester enrollment fee

Progressive archers must meet the time/attendance requirements each week to remain in the Progressive Program. Those who fall short of the weekly time/attendance requirements will automatically be considered Recreational, and Recreational class fees will apply for future classes and begin that Sunday.

We accept checks and credit cards (+3.8%) in person at the indoor range.
Please make your check payable to "Archery Training Center, Inc." and give it to us at JOAD or mail it to us at:
Archery Training Center, Inc., PO Box 93216, Austin, TX 78709-3216

Membership in USA Archery is now REQUIRED to participate in JOAD and Adult Training.
This is a new USA Archery requirement. If you would like to see the benefits of a USAA membership:
JOIN USA ARCHERY: https://usarchery.sport80.com/register/membership?id_add_on=246
You can attend 2 JOAD classes before joining USAA, but then we'll need to see your ALL-ACCESS membership card!
Membership in USA Archery is also required before you can receive the USA Archery lanyard and Star Pin awards, and before competing in any Texas or National tournaments.

PARENTS PLEASE NOTE: We are part of the US Olympic Committee's Safe Sport program, so we minimally require one other adult besides the instructor to be present at all times. Please plan to stay with your child or take turns with other parents staying whenever necessary to fulfill this requirement. THANKS!

Please fill out, sign, and return the Membership, Liability, Safety Rules, Photo, Medical, and Supervision Releases available at the range or attached to the e-mail you received.

E-mail: archerytrainingcenteraustin@gmail.com
Call /text: 512 975 1850
Coach Racae: 512 925 7794

*NTS = National Training System
*JOAD = Junior Olympic Archery Development

First and Last Name of Archer, Junior Archer and Age, or Parent archer. *
Please fill out one enrollment form per archer.
Your answer
Has the archer taken and graduated at least out of Indoor 1 and 2, therefore fulfilling the prerequisites above? *
Which weeks do you want to register for? *
There are classes on Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays during the semester. As a Progressive Archer you can attend any classes at or below your level, although you'll benefit the most by attending those for your level. See above for class times, levels, and minimum attendance requirements. You'll also tell us at least 24-hrs in advance which classes you plan to attend, to prevent overcrowding. Please check the number of people enrolled in the class at www.archerytrainingcenter.com/calendar.
What is the total number of weeks you have registered for? *
Your answer
How many monthly PRIVATE one-hour lessons would you like to register for? *
Private lessons at least once a month for Indoor 4 /5 are recommended. Just check the month, and then send us an email or talk with us about what date/time(s) within that month you'd prefer. If you'd like more than one lesson a month, please let us know, and include those additional classes in your fee calculations. See above for the fees.
What is your total fee? *
Your fee = (No. of weeks x weekly fee) + (No. of private lessons x private lesson fee) + $20 semester enrollment fee
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How will you be paying your fee in advance? *
Please make checks out to "Archery Training Center, Inc." and add 3.8% if paying by credit card.
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