JAC Program and Planning Activities 
These are the programs that the chapter participated, hosted, or sponsored. Please complete within 14 days of the event.  If an item is not applicable, please indicate N/A. This information is required, in part, for the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated Program Reporting.
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Title of the event *
Date of the event *
Community service hours. Please indicate the length of time the event/activity was facilitated. *
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Name of panelist/guest(s) . *
How did JAC participate with this event? *
If the event was a joint venture, was ample opportunity provided to participate in the initial planning? *
Were the logistics (travel, pick up, delivery, meetings, etc.) clearly outlined to the host organization?  Please indicate Yes, if you agree.  If No, please indicate what improvements can be made in the future? *
Did the event/activity meet the program objectives?  If  so, please share how it impacted the community. *
Is this a program that you would like to see continue? *
In your opinion, what was the benefit(s)/value of the program or collaboration? *
Was the event/activity evaluated?  If so, please share the link to the evaluation results *
Where can the information for this event be located (please provide the link)? *
Did the event/activity receive media coverage? *
Which media types were reached? *
Numbers reached via Social Media (Please indicate the number for each category of: Likes, Shares, Hashtags).  For example, Likes:250; Shares: 75; Hashtags: 22 *
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