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CSRA HEA Online Application
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The CSRA HEA Online Member Application is one of two available methods to apply for membership. You may still print the application from the CSRA HEA website and mail it along with your payment as in previous years. Your online submission is protected by a secure connection to Google in your web browser and by account authorization processes. At no time will the information be publicly searchable by outside entities.

If you choose to submit a paper application, please allow 2-3 weeks of processing time to receive your membership card and be added to the e-mail distribution list.

For electronic application submissions, you should expect the following process: within 4-6 days of your submission you should receive an email acknowledging your submission. If you choose to allow us to process your payment electronically, you will also receive an invoice via email for the amount due to activate your membership. Once your payment has been received you should receive a final email acknowledging your active membership and confirming your addition to the e-mail distribution list. Because of the way the new electronic process works, you MUST provide a VALID e-mail address. This is absolutely critical to making this an efficient and smooth process. If you do not want to pay via an electronic method, you may still mail a check to the PO Box. We will hold your membership until payment is received and verified. Please allow 1-2 weeks of processing time to receive your membership card after your membership is fully vetted.

If you do not hear from us within 3-4 weeks after submitting your application, please contact us by email at info@csrahea.org or call (762) 233-5432.

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General Association Information
Thank you for your interest in joining the CSRA HEA!

We are a Christian association of home educators seeking to encourage one another in the privilege of training up our children to love and serve God. Our members enjoy the benefits of supporting each other and sharing information and resources. Our association offers monthly activities, standardized testing, student clubs, a used curriculum sale, an annual graduation ceremony, and other benefits.

-- May I join the CSRA HEA if my child is enrolled in a virtual school or academy?
In order to be a member, you must home school at least one child during the upcoming school year. Please be aware that for our purposes students enrolled in more than 50% of their classes in any state-funded virtual school or academy (e.g., Georgia Cyber Academy, Georgia Connections Academy, or Provost Academy) are not considered home schooled and are not eligible for membership in the CSRA HEA.
-- Is the CSRA HEA considered an accountability group?
No, we are a support group, not an accountability group. Regarding South Carolina home schooling requirements, the CSRA HEA does not function as an "accountability group.”

-- August 1, 2017 – Last day for applications to be submitted or postmarked in order to be included in the association directory.
-- September 30, 2017 – Last day for applications to be submitted or postmarked in order to be included in the spring 2017 graduation. Families with seniors must be members by September 30th and attend all graduation meetings (usually three).
-- December 31, 2017 – Last day for applications to be submitted or postmarked to be eligible for testing.

VOLUNTEER SERVICE EXPLANATION (New members are not required to volunteer)
Our association operates successfully because of the many people who selflessly volunteer their time and talents. Hence, our application fees reflect a discounted membership rate for those willing to serve the association at least once per year in one of our specified volunteer roles.
Over the years, some members have abused our discounted membership policy by refusing to volunteer, even when asked. Thus, attaching consequences to the volunteer option became necessary. Any member choosing the "volunteer" option, who then refuses to serve when called, will have their membership suspended until the non-volunteer fee is paid.
We believe that member involvement brings us closer to each other and is an encouragement to everyone. By indicating your preference(s) on this form, you are indicating your willingness to serve.

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