Elmvale Skating Club Registration 2018/19
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Program Assistants
Skaters that are a minimum of 10 years old and are at the Junior level or above are able to participate as Program Assistants. The PA's assist the PreCan and CanSkaters on a rotating basis.

Program Assistant Training Date: September 23, 2-4 pm.

I would like to volunteer as a Program Assistant
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Payment for skating fees can be divided into a maximum of 4 payments. This applies to cheque and etransfer payments.
Dates are:
September 30
October 30
November 30
December 30
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Release and Indemity
The applicant and the parent have read and agree to abide by the rules of the Elmvale Skating Club and agree that the Elmvale Skating Club and/or it’s Executive, and coaches will not be responsible for any accident of loss, however caused, and agree to release the Executive, and coaches from all claims and damage which may arise as a result of, or by reason of such accident or loss. In case of accident or injury the applicant/parent, hereby gives permission for the above named child to be taken to a proper medical facility for emergency treatment, or for emergency medical care to be administered on site. I understand that the Elmvale Skating Club cannot be held responsible for injury or accident.

Elmvale Skating Club reserves the right to cancel/change any or all programs based on membership enrollment.

I understand that I will be called upon to do voluntary work and fundraising during the skating season. If I do not complete the volunteer hours my post-dated bond cheque for volunteer hours for December 30, 2017 and/or March 30, will be cashed.

The applicant/parent/guardian also agrees that the applicants name and/or picture may be published or posted in local news sources and our social media platforms. The applicant/parent/guardian also agrees that the applicant’s image can appear on the club website; however applicant names will not be listed on the website.

The applicant/parent/guardian also agrees that club coaches can take pictures and videos on the club iPad of the applicant for coaching purposes. These images and videos will not be published and will be deleted at the end of the season.

By typing your name below, you agree to the above terms of the Elmvale Skating Club *
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