Rule 34 Event April Registration!
Rule 34 Event is for Kemono, Anime and all Fur avatars! Rule 34 is a monthly event that is exactly as it sounds - Anything can be made into pron! Vanilla, sweet & cuddly sexy times, bondage, eroguro... Every kind of kink goes!

Only restrictions: No children. Period. Daddy/Mommy dom/me stuff is NOT children. Remember that. Zero tolerance policy for acts of hate or phobia. Unless it's spiders... then phobia away ><;

Dates are the 14th to the last day of each month it runs. You MUST REGISTER each month, so we can make sure there is room for everyone!

DO NOT SEND PAYMENT NOW! You will be contacted with a sign and info on how and when to pay to reserve your spot.

Creators for all bodies are allowed so long as they are Kemono, anime and fur friendly! (Maitreya, Kobold, Avatar 2.0, Kemono, Solarian, Slink, TMP, etc etc, the possibilities for mixing and matching is endless!)

The Rules

▨ No Children's items! EVER.
▨ Daddy/Mommy Dom/me & Littles items are allowed. [ Clarification here: ]
▨ Keep to your prims. (Sponsors - 20, Regular - 10 Extra prims can be purchased for 10L per prim.)
▨ Scripts are only allowed in Vendors & LM givers.
▨ Pricing must be 200L or lower
▨ It is up to you how often you join, but we'd love to see you at least every other month!
▨ You must register each month you wish to participate.
▨ Sponsor and all other stalls are first come, first served!
▨ You must provide at least one exclusive item for the event, it cannot be for sale anywhere else during the event - including your mainstore.
▨ Please follow the deadlines! We are busy and cannot hunt you down, but we might send Cthulhu-chan after you and tell him you're wearing a school uniform, just to see what happens... x3

▨ No refunds! But your payment may be applied to a future round within the next two rounds.

▨ All exclusive items must be marked with the provided prim marker.
▨ Gacha machines are welcome, no more than two!
▨ Old items are allowed so long as they are representative of your current quality of work.
▨ Your exclusive must be in theme.

▨ NO multi-panel vendors!

▨ REGARDING BLOGGERS: You are not required to send your exclusive or other items to the Rule 34 Bloggers, but it is encouraged. They are there to help promote the event, your creations and your store, so take advantage of it!


If you agree to these rules, please join us by filling out the application below. Please give us at least a day to visit your store and get back to you.

Once approved, you will receive a box of materials and a group invite to the Nihon Ongaku Publishing group. You need this group to be allowed to rezz your items. Please be sure to read the notecards inside and rezz the sign at your mainstore as soon as you get the box.

We have two other groups for shoppers and hunters. You are not required to join these groups but it's highly encouraged so you can advertise your new releases and other updates during the events. The groups are free to join, please put a notecard in the mailbox at the NOP~ Events HQ with the name of the person who joined for your store so we can give them notice rights.

If you do not get the group invite, please send a notecard to let us know. To join the other groups, just search "Rule 34 Event" and "Femboy Hunt & Events Group" in groups to join! The group URI's are also in the notecard sent when you are approved.

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