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UberSignal is an industry leader in the field of cell phone signal boosters, also known as cellular repeaters or passive DAS, which are solutions that solve the problem of weak cell phone signal in homes, businesses and vehicles.

We work with all sizes of customers, from consumers who need to have better signal in their home to organizations who need reliable signal throughout their office, warehouse, hospital, hotel, or manufacturing plant. Our two websites, UberSignal and Wilson Signal Booster, receive around a million page views a year.

You can learn more about what we do by checking out our websites here: https://www.ubersignal.com/ and https://www.wilsonsignalbooster.com.


We're looking to build a team of freelance writers who can contribute frequently to both of our websites. We're interested in building long-term relationships with great writers that we can count on. We are very flexible in our working relationship - we pay fairly on a per project basis, we typically let you set deadlines, and our goal is to work with you to create great content that people read.

In an ideal world, you would have experience writing or working with cellular technology, RF, antennas, cabling, or signal boosters, and then distilling those concepts down to an understandable format for new readers.

Tone and style that we're looking for:

- Conversational tone
- Post must help readers accomplish something, and/or learn from examples.
- Detailed explanations of difficult concepts (like cellular networks, RF, DAS, etc.)
- Short concise paragraphs that are easy to read - Does not follow conventional 5 paragraph essay format
- Fully formatted sections with headings to make posts easy to skim through
- Screenshots and images if they help to illustrate a point in the article

To get a better understanding of the writing we're looking for, please take a look at these articles:


These 3rd party articles also have the tone, structure and quality that we're looking for as well:


About you:

- You must have a passion for RF and cellular technology.
- You are a storyteller.
- You can come up with story ideas with minimal guidance.


If you're read through everything above and still think that this would be a good fit for you, then here is our process for evaluating if a writer would be right for our team:

1. Fill out the form below. If we like your answers, we'll get back to you on next steps. If it's not a good fit, we'll let you know.

2. If you make it past the first step, the next step is to take one of the story topics that you submitted, and write a short piece about it.

3. After we review your piece, if we like it, then we’ll pay you for the post, publish it on one of our websites, and you’ll become regular contributor. If it doesn’t meet our standards, we will not use it, and you’ll have full rights to the post.

It'll likely take us a couple of weeks to sort through everyone. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at jeff@ubersignal.com in the meantime.

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EXERCISE: Based on what you learned about our company above, please come up with 3 article ideas that would attract or interest our audience (people who are looking to improve their cell signal) and share them below (headline and 1-2 sentence short description of what the article would be about):
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