Introspective Questionnaire
Thank you for taking time to respond to this questionnaire. The answers you provide will provide insight to help men all across the world become their best selves. I believe that men need the inspiration of other men to step into their destiny with boldness. You have been chosen to share a portion of your journey with give men the boldness and inspiration to follow suit and pursue purpose in their lives.
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How has this been confirmed in your life? *
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If married, do you recognize purpose in the lives of your wife and/or children? *
How can you help them pursue purpose in their lives? (N/A if unmarried or no children)) *
Have you been or are you being disobedient regarding purpose in your life? *
If yes, why?
What are you doing to walk out your life’s known purpose? (Tell us about what you do) *
What is your life's testimony? What have you overcome? What experience(s) have shaped you to become the man you are, today?
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