Lamar High School Rising 9th Course Selection
Please complete all sections of this form. It is suggested that you have your child's most recent report card to use as a reference. You will need to know which course your child is currently enrolled in to select appropriate Math, Science, and Foreign Language courses. Courses labeled "Recommended" offer grade level appropriate rigor. Courses labeled "Pre IB" or "AP" offer an advanced level of rigor. Students attending Lamar on a transfer must select at least TWO advanced level courses. If you have questions please contact one of our 9th grade Deans: Ms. Quintero ( or Ms. Ballard (
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HISD ID Number
If your child is currently enrolled in HISD please provide their ID number. If your child is not enrolled in HISD then skip this question.
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Language A *
Mathematics *
Some students may take Algebra 1 and Geometry in Middle School. Those students should select Algebra 2.
Individuals and Societies *
The advanced course is AP Human Geography
Experimental Sciences *
Language B (Language Other Than English) *
We do not offer advanced sections of Level 1 foreign language. If your child has more than 1 high school credit in the same language you should select "other" and type the language into the box. We will review the credits transferred from the middle school and place the student appropriately.
CTE Pathway 1st Choice *
If you are attending Lamar on a Magnet or CTE Transfer select the specific pathway. This can be found on your OK to Register ticket. If you are zoned to Lamar or are attending on a non program specific transfer (IB, Boundary Option, etc.) you must select a pathway. Information about our pathways can be found here (Link)
CTE Pathway 2nd Choice
If you would like to select another CTE pathway in addition to the one selected above you may. This is not required and only for students interested in 2 pathways. We will make every effort to fit this course into your schedule but cannot guarantee that we will be able to.
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Physical Education/Athletics *
If you choose an athletic period please select "other" and type the program into the box. Information about experience or required tryouts can be found here (Link) Please read BEFORE making a selection.
Fine Arts/Electives First Choice *
If you have auditioned and been approved for a Fine Arts course not listed here please select "other" and type the course into the box.
Fine Arts/Electives Second Choice *
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