2018 Proposed CSSR / SCÉR Constitution Revisions: Article 7
The final article of our constitution states, "Article 7. Amendment of the Constitution: The constitution may be amended by two-thirds of the members present and voting at the Annual General Meeting. The minimum six weeks written notice shall apply and members will be given six weeks to submit responses before the vote at the meeting."

Therefore, this Google Form, announced on our website and email list at least 6 weeks before the AGM, is designed to gather feedback in advance of the AGM. There will be limited time for discussion during the AGM.

Optional member input on suggested revisions is requested from current and past members between April 15 and the AGM held during the upcoming conference as scheduled. Please try to reply on this form before May 25, since we may need some time to compile and review the responses prior to the AGM.

Email address *
How to provide your input
1. In addition to providing your email address above, answer the required questions below about your identity

2. Review the rationales and give your multiple choice and/or written responses to each of the suggested revisions.

3. After giving any feedback on revisions, press "submit" at the bottom to send it to us.


If you wish, you can return to this survey several times to add further responses under your name, but you must fill out valid identifying information each time. We'll group together your responses and consider all of them as one person's input.


According to the constitution, your response on this form does NOT constitute an official vote, according to article 7 quoted in the introduction above. However, at the AGM we would like to summarize the responses we have gathered to date, since it could aid us significantly in making wise decisions about the future of our organization.

Official voting will be held on each article at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) as part of the conference of the Canadian Society for the Study of Rhetoric / La Sociéte Canadienne pour l’Étude de la Rhétorique.

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