CPCA 1st Literature Contest
2021 Year of the Ox Literature Contest

2020 Year of the Mouse is finally coming to an end. This is a very special year with its own special memories. Therefore, CPCA is holding its first annual short literature contest! Create your own short story, poem, or essay, in either Chinese or English, of your favorite memory of 2020!

1. 不限文体和语言
2. 字数限定150字以内
3. 所有文章必须原创,一旦发现有剽窃、抄袭行为,将立即取消作者的评奖资格
4. 征文分儿童组(5-16岁)、成人组(17-79岁)进行评奖,评出一、二、三等奖若干名。另设长青组(80-180岁),来稿都予以刊登。

1. Any type of literature is welcomed
2. Must not exceed 150 words
3. This must be ORIGINAL work!
4. There are 3 age groups, please indicate your name and age in your submission.
a. Children: 5-16
b. Adults: 17-79
c. Seniors: 80+
Deadline: January 16, 2021
參賽者英文名字 Contestant's Name in English *
參賽者中文名字 Contestant's Name in Chinese (if any)
未成年參賽者父母姓名 Parent's Name of the contestant who is a minor
電子郵件 Email address *
家庭住址 Home Address *
參賽者年齡 Contestant's Age *
参赛组 Group *
請用不多於150個字创作您的诗歌、短文等 Please submit your original essay (no more than 150 words) here *
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