Fitness Tracker Research Survey
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What brand and model of fitness tracker did you most recently own? (Eg: Fitbit charge, Garmin vivofit, etc.)
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What model and make of cell phone did you have connected to your tracker? (Eg: iPhone 6, LG Nexus 6, etc.)
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How frequently, if ever, have you run into issues connecting or syncing between your tracker and your phone?
How frequently, if ever, have you lost data from your tracker because it didn’t sync properly or frequently enough with your phone?
How would you rate your tracker on a scale of 1-10?
It didn't provide any value
It's amazing!
What were your top likes and dislikes about your tracker?
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Would you purchase a new fitness tracker in the future as the technology advances?
What features or improvements would be necessary for you to purchase a new activity tracker?
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