2021 Escape Ops team member
Escape Ops will be looking for team members for 2021. We are looking for outgoing individuals with exceptional customer service skills.

Please proceed only if the following conditions suit your current situation:
-Available to work weekends
-Available to work afternoon to late evening

We will reach out if you are selected for an interview
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Your main duties involve:
-Hosting groups for their experience focusing on friendly in-person interaction and attentive monitoring of the game.
-Managing phone calls, appointment bookings, and general administrative tasks
-Maintaining cleanliness of the facility and games
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How many escape rooms have you played? *
If applicable, which of our games have you played before?
How many hours are per week are you looking for? *
Tell us about yourself and why you applied for this position. *
If you have made it this far, please forward your resume to DLE@escapeops.ca
Thank you for taking the time to apply!
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