DSA San Diego Ecosocialist Major Campaign Survey
The following survey is meant to be filled out if you would like to get involved with the DSA San Diego's Ecosocialist Major Campaign over the course of 2019. This base building campaign will involve organizing efforts such as: urban farming, community garden infrastructure improvements, solidarity direct aid, tabling, educating, fundraising, canvassing, and coalition building.

Below is this campaign's strategy overview, which breaks down each of the 7 major goals of this campaign:


Feel free to email sandiegodsa.ecosocialism@gmail.com with any questions, input, interest in joining the working group, or any other comments. You can also join the conversation on the #ecosocialism-wg channel of the DSA San Diego Slack, where you'll find the most frequent updates. Our working group meets on the second Sundays of the month (April 14th, May 12th, etc.) at 3 PM. Please see http://dsasandiego.org/events for the location as the meeting date approaches.

If you're down with what's been laid out, then please fill out the survey below! Your name and your campaign participation interests will be used to reach out about where you'd like to help. The campaign is going to need the support of our chapter's membership every step of the way to build success.
What is your first name and last initial? (e.g. Vladimir L.) *
What is your email address? *
What is your phone number?
Are you interested in volunteering at Mt. Hope Community Garden? (e.g. cultivating, harvesting, garden upkeep, infrastructure improvement) *
If yes, when can you potentially volunteer?
Are you interested in tabling on behalf of DSA at farmers market nights in southeast San Diego hosted by Project New Village? *
If yes, when can you potentially volunteer?
Are you interested in helping take care of the working group plot? (e.g. watering; weeding; starting seedlings; planting; harvesting, washing, and packaging produce) *
If yes, indicate which activities you would be interested in
Are you interested in participating in weekend direct aid trips delivering produce from the working group plot with other working groups? (e.g. HHWG & Immigration WG) *
Are you interested in participating in or teaching DSA San Diego organizer trainings to upskilling on topics like Canvassing, Fundraising, Coalition Building, etc. in the late Spring/Summer/Fall? *
If you would like to teach an organizer training, what campaign-related subject(s) would you like to teach/co-teach?
Are you interested in participating in public-facing cultivation/political education workshops/seminars organized by DSA San Diego in the Summer/Fall 2019? *
If yes, how would you like to participate in workshops or seminars?
Starting mid-summer 2019, this campaign will include steps such as canvassing, holding a solidarity fundraiser, and building a coalition to agitate and organize around a food/social justice-connected issue. Would you be interested in participating in any of the following base building steps? *
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