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Strawberry Fields High School Model United Nations Conference 2020

Dates : 8-9 August 2020

Committees and agendas:

1. United Nations Human Rights Council
Agenda: Human rights violations in China with special emphasis on Hong Kong and Uighur Muslims.

2. Economic and Social Council
Agenda: Tackling the Global Economic Slowdown and National Protectionism.

3. United Nations Children's Fund
Agenda: Ensuring basic necessities and welfare of children in Yemen.

4. International Labour Organisation
Agenda : Ensuring the basic standard of living and human rights for the domestic and international
labour force.

5. Citizens' Dialogue of United States of America
Agenda :Tackling systemic racism and excessive use of force by police.

6. Cabinet Committee on Security
Agenda : Continuous crisis committee.

NOTE: The allotments will be provided at the discretion of the Secretariat.
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