Padres Meeting: Call for Agenda Items
This form is designed to easily inquire of committees, board members, staff, etc. a) if they have updates and/or items to share at the upcoming Public Padres Meeting and if so, b) how much time* should go towards your agenda item.

* we ask you to give an estimated time in an effort to allot the necessary time to topics in order of priority, timeliness, and public demand. A standard update (etc. status update, event reminder) is ~3 minutes with no more than 12 mins per agenda item [Agenda items requiring more than 12-15 mins should be considered for a separate meeting or more internal dialogue before adding to Padres Meeting].
1. Call for Agenda Items
You should request time on the agenda if 1) your committee has time-sensitive (before the next Padres mtg.) or follow-up information to share, 2) has a clear call-to-action (e.g. voting issue; request for volunteers) AND/OR is immediately actionable (AND you have clear next-steps to suggest).
Does you/your committee have an agenda item to add to next week's Padres Meeting agenda? *
Give a brief description of your agenda item: *
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Who will be presenting? *
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How much time (3-12 mins) do you estimate you'll need?> *
Does your presentation require/include media (e.g. slide show, music) or handouts? *
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