28th Annual Texas Autism Conference August 6-7, 2020 Proposal Form
The 28th Annual Texas Autism Conference is seeking proposals from professionals, scholars, and leaders in the field of autism to provide research based expertise, best practices, tools and resources to assist Texas educators, families, professionals and stakeholders to meet the educational needs of students with autism spectrum disorder.

Review the proposal guidelines before submitting a proposal.

Proposal Guidelines:

To be considered, your proposal form must be submitted by March 25, 2020.

* description must have a clear connection to the conference purpose
* must be grammatically correct and free of spelling errors
* speak to one or more strands designed for the targeted audience
* address evidence-based practice(s)
* 90 minute presentation
* provide active, in-depth learning in a theater style room
* conference registration fee will be paid for UP TO two (2) presenters

Texas House Bill 462 (HB462) prohibits the adoption and/or use of the Common Core Standards at the state, regional, and local level. By submitting this proposal form, presenters agree to refer only to the Texas Standards and refrain from referencing Common Core Standards during presentation(s).

**lodging and travel are not included **

Selected presenters will be notified by May 2020.

Submissions received after due date will be retained for future consideration or to fill vacancies should they arise.
Submissions of a completed proposal application does not guarantee selection.
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Commercialism is prohibited.
Proposal Rubric
Presentations will be scored according to the following information:
• Description aligns with conference purpose
• Provides evidence-based practice(s)
• Offers tools and resources
• Strategies and practices that have immediate application
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