Thank You For Taking Part in MySiliconDreams' Weekly Influencer Interview

Imagine you're our guest in our virtual Radio Podcast Station with microphones our friendly interviewer and all. This image might help you imagine a positive and vibrant atmosphere to go through the interview below.

Make sure to elaborate on each question and avoid simple yes/no or one sentence answers as your and our audience would love to hear more about how you live and work your life. This gives value to them and ranks in search for you much higher when you write up at least 800 words and add a minimum of two great images.

Please refrain from mentioning any other brands other than MySiliconDreams.

We also suggest downloading the free Grammerly app to improve your professional look as the it points out mis-spellings and grammar issues for you to improve immediately as you write.

P.S. After the interview we have a surprise gift for you :-)
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