CYT Wichita Intern Application
If you are interested in being an Intern for CYT Wichita in the areas of Classes, Camps, and Shows please fill out this application and submit. Once applications have been reviewed applicants will be notified if they have been selected for an interview.

Qualifications for Internship:
-18 years or older
-Currently seeking a degree in fine arts, education, marketing, or communications and/or taking classes/lessons in the areas of Theatre (music, dance, drama)
-Full year out from participating as a student in CYT

CYT Wichita Internships are not paid positions. Participants will receive training and will be expected to uphold the duties, guidelines, rules, and regulations outlined in their contract.

CYT Intern positions are available in the following disciplines:
-Administrative (includes admin roles and marketing)

Applicants are eligible to apply for internships in the following areas of CYT:
-Enrollment Shows
-Summer Camps

Advantages of being an Intern with CYT Wichita:
-Valuable leadership experience
-Direct mentorship from a CYT Director/Teacher
-Teaching opportunities
-Opportunities to mentor young students
-Fun days filled with tons of learning, excitement, and loving on amazing kids!

If you have any additional questions please contact the CYT Wichita Classes & Camps Coordinator, Angela Loganbill.

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