Your Story with the Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington
Through this short survey, we would like to learn about your story with the UU Church of Bloomington; what brought you here, what is meaningful to you here, and how you connect with this community.
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Looking Back
How many years have you attended church services at UUCB?
What brought you to the UU Church of Bloomington, when you first started attending? (check all that apply)
Is there one experience at the church that has been especially meaningful and positive for you? If so, please write just a sentence or two about that experience.
Would you be comfortable telling others, or the church telling others, about your especially meaningful experience?
Clear selection
What forms of communication connect you to this church? How do you learn about current and upcoming events? (check all that apply)
How comfortable are you with telling people outside of our UU community about this church?
Not comfortable talking about UUCB
Extremely comfortable talking about UUCB
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What church related groups and/or activities do you feel are most important in connecting you to the UUCB community? (select up to three)
Your ability to volunteer and attend church activities is dependent on many aspects of your life. On average, how many hours a week are you involved in church activities? (not including attending Sunday service)
Do any of the following barriers inhibit you from being connected to the church? (check all that apply)
Is there any additional information about barriers to connecting to the church that you can share with us?
What about your church experience at UUCB do you feel is the most important to you? (select up to three)
The Future
Are there new groups and/or activities you feel would be meaningful to have at UUCB in the future?
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