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Submit your guest for our consideration via this form. We receive a new guest inquiry almost every single day of the year.

We judge accepting guests based on a variety of criteria, and we are only able to accept a small amount of guests each year.

These are our criteria when we consider invitations, with the most important ones first:
1. Do we have enough staff to handle additional guests.
2. Do we have the budget to accommodate additional guests.
3. Will our attendees be looking forward to meeting the guest (and how excited will they be).
4. Do we have time in the convention schedule to accommodate the guest.
5. Does the guest need travel and costs paid by the convention or is the guest local.
6. Does the guest provide something new or unique or special to the convention.
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Guests and performers may NOT charge for autographs under any circumstances. Guests with exhibit booths may sell merchandise, but MUST offer autographs to fans for FREE. We are not comic con and we do not do autograph guarantees. That is correct, NO autograph guarantees of any kind.
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