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Following a discussion on the peer support Facebook group Tea & Empathy in 2017, we decided to set up a scheme to provide 1-1 peer support to FY1 doctors. The first year of being a doctor can be a real struggle for many reasons, and there are plenty of doctors willing to help, provide a listening ear, reassurance, debrief, drink tea together, whatever is needed. To help FY1 doctors go through the transition from being a student to being a doctor, we created the FY1 Buddy Network.

If you are currently an FY1, please complete this form to be allocated a Buddy. Please note that this scheme runs throughout the year, and so you can sign up at any point through the year and we will endeavour to match you as quickly as we can.

What your buddy is:
- A mentor
- A source of support
- A friendly face
- A listening ear
- Someone to help with the potentially “stupid” questions about being a doctor
- Someone to talk to after a difficult situation at work
- Someone who can potentially offer some insight from their own experiences or knowledge
- Also a doctor so may not always be able to respond immediately or at antisocial times
- Someone who has volunteered to help you. Please respect this at all times, and consider this in how you interact with them. Not replying can be concerning for them.

Remember that buddies are not there to provide direct clinical advice. That is the role of the SHOs/registrars/consultants that you work with.

If at any point you have any questions or concerns about this process please contact us on info@fy1buddynetwork.co.uk
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