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In one sentence, describe yourself. (For example, "I'm a 30 year old health and wellness coach, and a married mother of two.") *
Are you satisfied with our experience working together? (Would you recommend that others to work with us?) *
What was the best part of us working together?
What would you go back and change if you could?
Why did you choose to work with me over other options? *
What other coaches have you worked with before or did you consider working with before choosing me? Why did you choose me over others? *
Please list ONE (if any) thing that nearly stopped you from working with me. *
Please list ONE thing that you would like to see improved with my program(s). *
Which programs/events have you invested in with the Legendary team?
If you were asked to describe to a friend what you were going through that made you feel you needed a coach what would you say?
If you were describing to a friend what the main benefits you received from working with me, what would you say?
If you could go back to before we worked together and talk to that version of you, what would you tell her/him?
Is there anything future clients should know before they opt-in to the program?
Is there anything else I should know/ you'd like to tell me about you, or our experience working together?
How did you first hear about me? *
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