Deaf Spectrum's Sign Language Interpreter Bookings
So you want to book interpreters but would like an expert assistance in getting you the right interpreting team? You've come to the right place. We book interpreters for festivals, conferences, readings, performances, music, meetings, appointments, workshops, and more!

What's so special about our services? We design the right interpreting team that matches your needs to communicate with Deaf individual(s) effectively. Because of this, we have a lot of questions for you!

Interpreters tend to work with teams of two or more persons to ensure full accessibility. To guarantee greater accessibility, we need to allow interpreters to have sufficient time to study preparation materials.

What are preparation materials?

For example, public art events may include preparation materials such as:
land acknowledgement, speaking notes, readings, music lyrics, mp4 files, set list, scripts & biographies

We will be charging a coordination fee for booking interpreters. We accept PayPal, Cheque, E-transfer :) We also provide consultancy and promotional services. For more information, please contact

*NEW* A consultation is required prior to booking interpretation services. We are seeing an increase in access requests and we are seeking to develop intentional collaborations. Scheduling a consultation requires 10 business days in advance in order to arrange English-ASL Interpretation and another minimum of 10 business days to book interpretation for your event.

If you book interpretation services from us for a public event, it will be a requirement to include event circulation and/or a promo vlog to the interpreting package.

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