2023-2027 Emmet County Recreation Plan - Public Survey
The Emmet County Office of Planning, Zoning, and Construction Resources will be working with Emmet County local jurisdictions and other county participants to update the 2022 Emmet County-wide Recreation Plan. If you live or recreate in Emmet County, your input is invaluable to this process. Please take five minutes to complete the Recreation Plan survey online below. Or, if you prefer, go to www.emmetcounty.org/planning/ to print out the survey and submit it to the Emmet County Office of Planning, Zoning and Construction Resources Department.

If you have any questions regarding the Emmet County Recreation Plan Update, please contact Tammy Doernenburg, Planning & Zoning Director, at (231) 439-8998 or by email at pzcr@emmetcounty.org.
1. Are you a permanent resident of Emmet County? (If no, please skip to question 3) *
2. This question is for permanent residents of Emmet County. Where in the county do you live?
Clear selection
3. This question is for NON-RESIDENTS of Emmet County only. Which of the following best describes your connection to Emmet County?
Clear selection
4. Which of the following recreational activities do you participate in within Emmet County during warm-weather months? (Check all that apply) *
5. Which of the following recreational activities do you participate in within Emmet County during cold-weather months? (Check all that apply) *
6. Please choose your top five recreation activities in Emmet County and rank them by importance to you (with 1 being your highest-ranked activity)
Biking (trail/road/mountain)
Fat-Tire Biking
Ice Fishing
Bird/Nature Watching
Skiing (downhill)
Skiing (cross-country)
Frisbee Golf
Organized Sports (indoor)
Organized Sports (outdoor)
7. How important are each of the following development priorities within Emmet County for the next 5-10 years? *
Very Important
More Important
Less Important
Very Unimportant
Expand Emmet County recreational programming and facilities
Improve non-motorized accessibility (e.g. sidewalks) to open spaces and recreational areas
Expand the existing non-motorized network within Emmet County
Expand the existing non-motorized pathway to connect regionally
Preserve existing Natural Features (floodplains, woodlands, streams, and shoreline)
Address invasive species and implement control measures
Create uniform wayfinding signage for key County assets including trails, parks, and other community spaces
8. How often do you participate in recreation activities in Emmet County? *
9. How far do you typically travel to use recreational facilities within Emmet County? *
10. Are there recreational activities that you would like to participate in that are not available in Emmet County? *
11. If you answered yes to Question 10, what activities would you like to participate in?
12. Do you ever travel outside of Emmet County to partake in recreational activities that aren't available within the county? *
13. Do you think there are enough waterfront parks in Emmet County? *
14. Do you think there is enough public water access in Emmet County? *
15. How do you typically travel to recreation facilities or locations in Emmet County? *
16. What type of recreational amenities do you typically spend time at? (choose all that apply) *
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