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2021, will be our 8th Annual Talkbooks Author Event. Please save the date of: Saturday, April 17, 2021.

TAE 2021 will be held in Burlington, MA at the Boston Marriott Burlington. A town just North of Boston.

Before you continue, we first want to thank you greatly for your interest and support.

We'd like for you to know that we take our invitation process very seriously. We look at each and every single interested author and take them into consideration before choosing and sending invitations.

We know that there are many authors who are extremely interested in attending but we ask for you to remain positive and to not lose faith in the possibility of attending as a signing author. Although we wish we could, we just can't fit everyone.

So in full disclosure, we'd like for you to know, that in the end, the list of possible authors to fill our limited number of spots is very high. With the unexpected postponement of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our 2021 spots will be filled with authors we intended to have at our 2020 event.

Every year we usually have over 300 authors such as yourself, sign up as interested. Along with hundreds of others who we, and our readers want to meet and discover. BUT with that being said, our fingers are crossed that we can make it happen for YOU. If not for 2021 then maybe 2022 (I can't believe I just typed that)!

Now please keep in mind that plans for 2021 have not yet began. For now, this is just you showing your interest in TAE2021. However, when we do begin planning this is where we'll refer to first. Then our invite process won't begin until May, so know now you will not hear from us for quite some time.

Love your TAE hosts & organizers,
Mindy, Bethany, Lexy
Lynne & Annie

For any questions, comments, or concerns RE: TAE2021 please contact us at: italkbooks@yahoo.com
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