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LeadIN enables you to become the leader you're meant to be. We bring people together to learn, share, and grow their leadership muscle; think of it as a gym for leadership.

The application for our 1st Dubai cohort (Fall 2019) is now open through September 20th! We have a limited number of spots so we encourage you to apply earlier as we review applications as we receive them.

Would you like to define how you are perceived as a leader? Apply to join a group of motivated learners. Please allocate at least 25 - 40 minutes to complete the application below.

1. Read our Program Overview to learn more about the curriculum, expectations, dates and other logistics:

*Curriculum* : 8 weeks // 2 hours per week
*Fall Cohort* : Mid Oct to Early Dec
*Days* : Tuesdays or Wednesdays 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
*Application Deadline* : September 30th

*Program Details* : http://bit.ly/LeadINProgramOverview
*Price* : $2000 value, free for community
*Cost* : Time spent prioritizing personal growth
*Outcome* : Be the leader people want to work with!

2. Apply for our LeadIN Core program by answering the questions below!

Please allocate at least 25 - 40 minutes to complete the application below.

Would you like to apply in a different way? We accept creative submissions of any kind (videos, graphics, stories). The purpose of this application form is for you to explain why you want to be part of LeadIN Core and how you will contribute to our community. If you wish to respond and apply in a different format, you may email alternative submissions to Moe@lead-in.co

Your LeadIN Alum will be Moe! You can think of the Creative Bunch Community https://instagram.com/creative_bunch_dxb as being a project that came to life because of Moe's LeadIN experience. The Bunch was one way he manifested his strengths and values in a way that was of service to others. It's also how he found Magic Deb, https://www.instagram.com/bookyougotthis/

Thank you for your interest!


Mohamed Ali
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LeadIN brings people together to learn, share, and grow their leadership. Our community evolves by and through the people it brings together. Please explain in detail how you see your role within the larger LeadIN community and how you may contribute to our success.
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