Blue Ticket Perks Club 2019-20
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Yinghua Academy Executive Director for a Day! Cost: 65 Blue Tickets
Did you ever wonder what it's like to walk in Bao Xiaozhang's shoes? You can do just that by cashing in your blue tickets for the chance to shadow her for a day. Imagine being the one to sign important papers, visit classrooms, give a school tour, or draw for Golden Tickets? It could be YOU! Cost: 65 Blue Tickets
6 Hour 3D Print with Mr. Sandau! Cost: 55 Blue Tickets
Make your 3D printing dreams come true, and print of something real big and intricate in a 6 hour printing sesh!! COST: 55 Blue Tickets
Made Homemade Spaghetti with Mrs. Downs! Cost: 60 Blue Tickets
Anything home made tastes better right? Learn how to make your own delicious 意大利面 with Mrs. Downs!! Cost: 60 Blue Tickets
GET SLIMED! A Non-Newtonian Super Science Party! Cost: 55 Blue Tickets
Get Slimed! A special session in the Science Lab with your science teachers and friends to experience matter in an interesting phase. Make two kinds of slime and take some home with recipes to make more! Bonus: Ralph might stare at you. All materials and fun times included. Cost (per person): 55 Blue Tickets
Basketball with Bo Laoshi. Cost: 40 Blue Tickets
Win a chance to play and (maybe, but probably not) beat Bo Laoshi in a game of 1 on 1 Basketball. If you win, you will receive the ability to forever hold it over his head! Cost (per game): 40 Blue Tickets
Snowboard Lesson with Ke Laoshi: 70 Blue Tickets
Have a lesson, or just shred for the day with Ke Laoshi! We'll spend an evening or morning at either Buck Hill, Hyland Hills, or the Como Park Ski Center. Cost: 70 Blue Tickets
Make delicious spam musubi with Ke Laoshi. Cost: 40 Blue Tickets
Ke Laoshi will show you how to make the simple, salty, sweet, all around delicious spam musubi. Cost: 40 Blue Tickets
Scientific calculator. Cost (each): 30 Blue Tickets
Amazon gift cards ($10). Cost (each): 30 Blue Tickets
Caribou gift cards ($10). Cost (each): 30 Blue Tickets
Bookmarks . Cost (each): 5 Blue Tickets
Bookmarks (Blue/Purple/Green). Cost (each): 10 Blue Tickets
Bookmarks (Chinese opera). Cost (each): 5 Blue Tickets
Bookmarks (Vintage). Cost (each): 10 Blue Tickets
Bamboo Panda Keychain loves bamboo and your keys (or backpack). Cost: 10 Blue Tickets
Cute Times Three Keychain. Cost: 10 Blue Tickets
Love Panda Keychain loves that you speak Chinese. Cost: 10 Blue Tickets
Fun to visit and fun to wear! Come visit Ke Laoshi to see if we have your size. Cost: 20 Blue Tickets
Super fun throwing disc Cost: 10 Blue Tickets
GIRAFFE PEN!! ONLY ONE!! Cost: 10 Blue Tickets
Chinese knot decoration. Cost: 6 Blue Tickets
Fold-able bowl! Comes in Green and White. Cost: 10 Blue Tickets
Sporty Plaid Handbag. Cost: 15 Blue Tickets
Decorative Coin Purse. Cost: 20 Blue Tickets
Can't decide? Come to Ke Laoshi's Blue Ticket market to see for yourself! Room 148. If you use good Chinese, you might be able to barter with Ke Laoshi to bring the price down!! Come on over!
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