Survey on Collaborative Economy InitiativesTouriSMEshare Project
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Through the questionnaire, the TouriSMEshare project will provide a scenario of the phenomenon in the four partner countries, detecting opportunities and threats of the collaborative economy in tourism and cultural heritage.

Individual survey results are not public. Results, gathered in aggregated form, will be collected and will merge in to the final TouriSMEshare Guidelines to sharing economy services in tourism and cultural heritage.

In relation to the aforementioned objectives, respondents may take the opportunity to be mentioned in the Guidelines, as "members of the TouriSMEshare Community".

Personal information will be collected by the Partners of the project, only for the intended purposes of the Project. These information will be kept confidentially and will not be shared with any other third party, fully in accordance to the General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR (European Parliament and Council of the European Union - Regulation (EU2016/679)). Personal information will be stored by the partners' Project database for five years from the end of the project activities, in accordance with the general EU projects provision, and in relation to the possibility of European officers' monitoring visits.
Respondents can access their responses at any time or request that any personal information collected will be deleted.

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