Lunch School Request
We want teachers and students to think of Lunch School as a positive place to come and get caught up. Please do NOT use Lunch School as a punishment.
You will need to:
- Fill this form out EACH week for each student you wish to attend
- Only request up to 20 students each week
- Complete each request by MONDAY MORNING
Teacher Name *
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First name of student *
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Last name of student *
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Subject *
Grade level of student *
Monday-Wednesday lunch *
Lunch school goal? What do you want them to accomplish? (Remember we have them for three days if needed.) *
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Will this student be able to work independently or will he/she need tutoring? *
How will you get the student work to the Lunch School teacher? (7th/Math: Savage, 8th: Terry, 9th/Spanish: Bona) *
Additional instructions/needs (Teachers, you are responsible for giving specifics to the Lunch School teacher so he/she knows exactly what each student needs to work on and has access to it.)
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