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Press Passes are available for Print, Web, and Television Organizations that have current and significant coverage of Fashion, Culture, and Events. We will research each and every applicant.
Please register with links to your coverage in order to qualify for a press pass and we will send you an email in the coming weeks with more information.

Fashion Photographers need to fill out the photographers form, listed under participate on our website

Assigned Seating will be granted for those with a certain reach and target audience that parallel The Pin Show. Other media that are selected will receive general admission press passes, if seating is unavailable.  

Thank you for your understanding that we will not be able to grant press passes to all that apply, due to high demand.  Press Passes / Media Badges will be granted to those that most benefit the designers and have examples of current fashion/culture/event coverage within their media.

In addition, we are not ashamed to say that those who cover the event NOW, featuring designers, interviews, and the event itself to their following will receive priority.

Please note that we can only grant 1 Pass per organization, we cannot always accommodate an addition writer/photographer/assistant without a paid ticket.

We will email out Press Pass Confirmations within 10 days of the event. We cannot accommodate all press and will pick those who are most relevant for the show and it's designers.

Requests forms submitted 72 hours prior to show may not be responded to.

Also, check out our sponsorship for Media on our website - Help support The Pin Show by purchasing an ad or contacting us about a media sponsorship.

**always credit photographer, if you have questions, just email us / let us know which images you have questions about.
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The Pin Show is celebrating it's 10th year featuring Independent Designers, both Emerging and Established on a very different kind of platform.  Why do you want to cover this event, what kind of story are you hoping to tell? *
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Please provide us a link to any pre-event Coverage you have done already! See Above Information for a link to our Media Kit, where you can find High - Resolution Photos and Graphics you can use.  Please credit Photographer (in name of photo).  Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, interviews, etc.  Leneahebrown@gmail com is our media Contact.  Be sure to Tag us and we will share your coverage / link.
We will provide you with graphics to post to your Facebook, Instagram, etc.  In addition, we can provide you with designer information for pre-show coverage of individuals showcasing at the event.
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