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Great! You're keen to get a regular session going under the Educ8 club and join a fabulous community on Clubhouse of likeminded educators? Read on!   You can submit more than one session, but each one should be on a separate form. We will review your submission and get back to you within two weeks. If your proposal for a session is approved we will explain in the email how the event will get set up and, please note, all sessions are on a short trial period to ensure they meet the Educ8 Vision - 'Educ8 connects and supports educators globally and will help you connect with people who aspire to facilitate change and innovation'. Please also ensure you are a member or a follower of the club and also follow all the admins of the club. This will be important for us to help you set up your session. We are committed to diversity and inclusion and would love to hear how you are contribute.
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Do you want assistance finding other panellists for your session?  NOTE: we really suggest starting a room with four at a minimum to make people who arrive see an already existing discussion and want to stay. These may be guests that change week to week as long as there is a core of 2-3 hosts. *
How often do you want to run the room?  We prefer rooms to be run regularly e.g. weekly if possible to build momentum and for people to be able to join regular sessions. This is why co-hosts and larger panels are important (so if someone can't make it one week, the session still runs). *
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Volunteers: We are always looking for volunteers to help us in a range of roles. We would ask that if you indicate interest, you are committed to this role for 2 hours a week, for a 6 month period. You MUST have considerable experience in this area as we do not have time to train people.
Ambassador Program: Educ8 will be launching an Ambassador program soon. Countries, cities, regions and tribal or indigenous nations can be represented by an ambassador living or strongly connected there and who speaks that language.  This may be in a language other than English. Please indicate here if you're interested in receiving this info or serving as an ambassador..
Educator Directory: Educ8 will be launching an open education directory of people willing to be contacted to join panels, support other educators globally with ideas and PD (many may be from under-served communities), connect classrooms for global collaboration, etc. Please indicate here if you'd like to be contacted with more information on this program once it becomes available.
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