Comrie Permaculture Design Course booking form 2017.
Please make sure you've read the info document before filling in this form. You can find it on this link

The course runs from 4pm on Sat 30th Sept 2017 until 10.30am on Sat 14 October 2017.

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Course Fees
The course fees have a sliding scale depending on your combined household income.

Household income - Benefits or under £5000
£470 (Max of 3 places)
Equivalent to £40/weekend + £20 accreditation

Household Income £5000 to £15000
Equivalent to £70/weekend + £20 accreditation

Household income Income £15,000 to £30,000
Equivalent to £100/weekend + £20 accreditation

Household income Over £30,000
Or, anyone paying with grant money
Or, anyone attending as work based training.
Equivalent to £120/weekend + £20 accreditation

If you do not require a bed, please contact me before booking to arrange a reduction in your fees.

***The course fees have a sliding scale depending on your financial situation.
The household income are intended as a guide; if you have savings or investments but a low
earned income, please increase your fee accordingly.
Please note the figures are combined household income, so if you earn £10,000 and your
partner earns £8,0000 you’d have a combined income of £18,000.
I subsidise the lower fees out of my own pocket and rely on higher fees to continue to offer
these.. ***

How much are you paying? *
Please only choose "other" if you have already arranged a non-standard fee with James.
Paying for the course
Please pay a £50 deposit with this form.

The Full balance for the course needs to be paid by 30 Aug 2017.

Cheques made out to James Chapman please, and sent to Willowburn Lea, Leadburn, West Linton EH46 7BE
Or Bank Transfer - S/C 83 25 25 Ac. Number 00167235 Royal Bank of Scotland.
*Please use your name as the reference with bank transfers. This really helps me know who has paid.*

How are you paying? *
Please advise me when payment has been sent.
Any other information?
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Thanks for filling in the form, please make sure you click on the SUBMIT button below,.

I will confirm via email, normally within a week. I will be in touch closer to the event with further details.

James 07790 265883

email :

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