Aphrodite & Love Spells for the Tired Heart 2021 #2
Hello -- and thank you for your interest in working with me and Aphrodite.

Taught by: Irisanya Moon

The beauty of Aphrodite comes not from Her skin or the way flowers arose when She stepped on the shore. The wonder of Aphrodite comes from the presence that she offers, the changing ways to look at the way a heart beats and who it beats for.

With all of her aspects and stories, She continues to offer insights and opportunities to know Her and to know ourselves better. For what is the world without love? How can we live without love? If we can continuously meet Her and meet the way She shows up unapologetically, we may too be able to step forward from our own ocean onto the shore of a fuller, richer life.

Aphrodite offers love and beauty, but also initiation. She offers initiation into the mysteries of love, the way it is everything we want and sometimes everything we fear. She tells us and shows us that the way to a heart is through the everyday actions, the everyday words, and the promise to show up fully as ourselves.

She shows us that we can have stories and faults and missteps and still emerge.
She tells us that we can be beauty and we are beauty, in all of our days.
She reminds us that the way of magick and wonder is love.

You may be tired. You may be worn. Let Aphrodite hold you.

6 sessions, 5pm - 7pm Pacific, ONLINE, starting September 10

Classes, outside of check-in times, will be recorded

DATES: September 10, October, 8, November 5, December 3, January 7, Feb 11

Suggested love donation per class: $33+, with no one turned away

CLASS SIZE LIMITED TO 10. Pre-registration and deposit required to hold your spot.

PAYPAL: irisanya.moon@gmail.com (FRIENDS & FAMILY PLEASE to avoid fees!)
VENMO: @irisanya
CASHAPP: $irisanya

(If you'd like to send a check, feel free to email for the address.)

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