Pre- Made Designs!
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Here we have pre-made designs that you can buy to made made into fursuit! All the info is with each design, some have set details like: eye style, paws, claws, etc. If you do NOT see a specification then you are able to choose which detail you would like. Each has a set price, for what kind of partial they are, no we are not doing "head only" options for these. Please make sure you can either pay all upfront or have the 50% down payment ready. You will be expected to pay within 5 days of claiming design! We will not make changes to the design unless otherwise discussed BEFORE buying, we will not be making changes afterwards. More info in our TOS link at the end! If you have any questions please email us at!

Suit Types:

Mini Partial (head, hand paws, tail)
Normal Partial (head, hand paws, feet paws, tail)
Full Partial (head, hand paws, arm sleeves, feet paws, tail)
Half Suit (head, hand paws, arm sleeves, feet paws, tail, digi legs) - *REQUIRES DTD
Fullsuit Plantigrade - *REQUIRES DTD
Fullsuit Digitigrade - *REQUIRES DTD

You CAN ask for other suit types not listed with that design! Please email for prices if not listed if you are interested!
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Do NOT fill out a form unless you have at least the 50% to put down and meet all the criteria below and in the TOS. If you fill out a form and do not reply to the accepted email we send, you will be blacklisted! Thanks!
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ex. mini partial - full partial - etc.
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Head Extras
Please do NOT check any that are already in the chosen designs description!
Hand Paws
Please do NOT check any that are already in the chosen designs description! Only 4 finger puff paws are able to have resin claws!
Feet Paws
We only offer OUTDOOR paws
Shoe size - USA - Please specify if Men's or Women's
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Please do NOT check any that are already in the chosen designs description!
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NO completion date before 4/20/2020!! If you don't need it in time for a convention, please give a later date!
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As stated in my TOS, I DO NOT accept official completion dates, what you are answering above is a timeline for me to work with. I will always try my best to complete before or by that date, however I will not rush myself on projects!
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You must be able to pay the 50% down 5 days. And can do a payment plan of a minimum of $150/month.
Please go back over and review the quote form! Make sure you didn't miss anything! Also make sure you didn't answer questions for parts you are not getting: Ex. getting a Mini Partial, do not put a shoe size. *
MUST put e-signture and email on the TOS FORM PAGE so we know it was read! Not adding an email signature to the TOS will result in your form being IGNORED!
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