WHEA Student Survey-Middle School (1-5 Scale)
I am in (indicate grade)
I am a (either returning or new student)
When I'm at School
Select the best answer using the following scale: 1 - strongly disagree, 2 - disagree, 3 - neutral, 4 - agree, 5 - strongly agree
3. I have enjoyed this past year of WHEA Middle School.
4. I feel safe at the WHEA campus. If you answered Strongly Disagree (1) or Disagree (2) please explain.
Please explain
Your answer
5. I feel comfortable talking to my teachers.
6. I am able to participate in real world hands-on projects.
7. I feel supported by my teachers.
8. I feel supported by my director.
9. I am learning to manage my own time using the TMS.
10. I am comfortable with the amount of homework I have.
11. I am challenged by the work my teachers ask me to do.
12. I am treated fairly by my peers (other students).
13. I have learned how to work in a group or project team.
14. I enjoy all the activities my teachers plan such as field trips, dances, Sports Day, camping & off island trips.
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