#AmafestUK Online- Pitch to Speak - 2021
What does the current line up look like? ✔️ Check Conference https://amafestuk.com/
Date: 16th September 2021 0900 - 1600

We really want to get the best talks to help sellers understand the complexity and opportunities of Amazon.
This form helps us to understand your interest and bit of your background.

We will be in touch once we review your interest and background. This is a self-funded opportunity that will help you build your profile in the industry.

We normally start 5/6 month prior to the conference. Check out some talk ideas:

- The perfect outcome of the talk is for attendees to get a to-do list once they are back to their day to day business

- Be very specific, avoid vague topics like Amazon SEO

- People do like to hear from your experience and for many that may be the most interesting part. You are the expert, tell your experience

- Avoid Self-promotional talks. They don't go down very well

- Need help with a topic? - Just get in touch via https://amafestuk.com/ and I will book a call with you.

Many thanks, Prabhat 😃
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