Fall 2020 Education Club Officer Application
Applications are due October 23rd at midnight - If you have any questions, please email education@csbsju.edu.

There are two open positions to start immediately: Public Relations, First Year Representative (open to First Year Education students only).

There are two open positions to start next semester, Spring 2021, with opportunity to shadow officers in those positions currently: Secretary, Club Representative

Education Club Officers meet as a group every week with faculty advisers and plan events about once a month.

Positions will be selected at the end of October.

Thank you for applying!
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First Year Representative Position Requirements: First Year Education student, attend board meetings, bring first year perspective, help plan and execute Ed Club events -- Why do you want to be the First Year Representative? (100 words max)
Club Representative Position Requirements: Attends the faculty meetings, represents the Education Club, and supports programs by meeting with individual faculty member -- Why do you want to be the Club Representative? (100 words max)
Public Relations Position Requirements: Send emails through the Education Club email to promote events, create posters for events, update social media accounts -- Why do you want to be the Public Relations Officer? (100 words max)
Secretary Position Requirements: Take meeting minutes, create posters for events, general event planning -- Why do you want the Secretary position? (100 words max)
Why did you decide to apply for an Education Club Officer position? (100 words max) *
What qualities and past experiences do you have that you could bring to the Education Club? (100 words max) *
What new ideas do you have for the Education Club? (100 words max) *
Have you applied to be an Education Club Officer before? *
If applicable, please indicate when you will be studying abroad and/or student teaching:
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